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Software engineering

The systematic application of scientific principles and disciplines to the development, operation, and maintenance of software to perform prespecified functions with maximum economy and efficiency.

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Software engineering

figurative constant

Computer; Software engineering

A data name that is reserved for a specific constant in a programming language. For example, the data name THREE may be reserved to represent the value 3.


Computer; Software engineering

An approach to managing a system/software project to hold the project to a predetermined cost. Actual and projected costs are closely tracked, and actions such as deleting or postponing ...

project deliverable

Computer; Software engineering

A work product to be delivered to the acquirer. Quantities, delivery dates, and delivery locations are specified in a project agreement. Project deliverables may include the following. operational ...

risk metric

Computer; Software engineering

An objective measure that is associated with a risk factor to alleviate.


Computer; Software engineering

(1) A set of one or more test cases, (2) A set of one or more test procedures, or (C) A set of one or more test cases and procedures.

Test item transmittal report

Computer; Software engineering

A document identifying test items. It contains status and location information.

Test procedure specification

Computer; Software engineering

A document specifying a sequence of actions for the execution of a test.

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