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Space flight

Of or relating to the act of voyaging outside the Earth's atmosphere and into outer space, and the science involved in achieving it.

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Space flight

Lunar probe

Aerospace; Space flight

A lunar probe is a scientific space exploration mission in which a man-made spacecraft is sent into the Moon orbital space. China launched its latest lunar probe, the Chang'e-2, on October 1, 2010 ...

Unidentified flying object (UFO)

Aerospace; Space flight

UFOs are unidentified aircraft which are attributed to alien space flight. One supposed UFO halted air traffic at Hangzhou Airport, China, on July 7. The appearance is being investigated by ...


Aerospace; Space flight

First planet from the sun, a terrestrial planet.


Aerospace; Space flight

Electromagnetic radiation in the neighborhood of 100 picometer wavelength.

spacecraft (SC)

Aerospace; Space flight

Vehicle, ship, or designed meant to fly in space.

C ring

Aerospace; Space flight

The innermost of the three rings of Saturn that are easily seen in a small telescope.

B ring

Aerospace; Space flight

The middle of the three rings of Saturn that are easily seen in a small telescope. Barycenter - The common centre of mass about which two or more bodies revolve.

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