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A piece of rock that is quarried then worked into a specific size or shape to serve a function as a useful building or paving material.

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Building materials; Stone

A variegated type of quartz showing colored bands or other markings (clouded, moss-like, etc.).


Building materials; Stone

The square or rectangular base of a column; a base or pedestal, frequently inscribed, to support a statue or other isolated object; the base block at the juncture of baseboard and trim around an ...

Smooth finish

Building materials; Stone

The surface texture produced by planer machines plus the removal of objectionable tool marks; also known as smooth planar finish or smooth machine finish.


Building materials; Stone

The term for an internal courtyard, usually open to the air, surrounded by arcades to blur the distinction between interior and exterior.


Building materials; Stone

The upper part of a wall pierced by windows to bring light into the centre of a building, as in the nave of a church.


Building materials; Stone

The uppermost component of a classical column, most often a plain square slab but sometimes embellished.


Building materials; Stone

Thin lamina or paper-like sheets of rock, often loose, and interrupting an otherwise smooth surface of stone.

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