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Any competing device or software used to record data.

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XML firewall

Computer; Storage

An XML firewall is an application layer firewall used to provide security for XML messaging such as Web services. XML firewalls are generally implemented in an organization’s DMZ that inspects ...

Web application firewall

Computer; Storage

Web application firewalls are designed to protect networks against unauthorised access, data leakage, site defacement and other malicious attacks by hackers that compromise the privacy and security ...

Traffic management

Computer; Storage

Traffic management is the process of balancing, prioritizing, and routing network traffic so that critical applications remain accessible.


Computer; Storage

ActiveX is a technology developed by Microsoft for improved interactive control and performance Windows applications over the Web. ActiveX is based on Microsoft's OLE and COM technologies, and ...

Advanced Compression

Computer; Storage

Advanced compression is designed to increase application performance across a network. In contrast to packet-based compression, advanced compression operates at the session layer, compressing ...


Computer; Storage

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a programming technology that utilises JavaScript and the XML HTTPRequest object to exchange data between a Web browser and a Web server.


Computer; Storage

Anti-phishing is the process to monitor application traffic for attempts at harvesting private information through seemingly trusted parties. Without anti-phishing technology, users are vulnerable to ...

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