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Style, cut & fit

Clothing fashion design, color, trend and style.

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Style, cut & fit

To block cut

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

Hit in the back by the hair and hair raising top short hair and bangs and gives a contrast of the head. exposes the borderline of giving significantly compared to block pages that looked like the ...


Fashion; Style, cut & fit

The chonmage is a form of Japanese traditional haircut worn by men. It is most commonly associated with the Edo Period and samurai, and in recent times with sumo wrestlers. It was originally a method ...

thigh high

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

It's stockings or boots that comes above the knee usually to mid-thigh or higher. Your height and length of leg will affect how high it actually comes on you. Not recommended to people who have short ...


Fashion; Style, cut & fit

Prêt-a-porter is the term for manufactured clothing, finished condition, in standard sizes, are sold separately from which to measure or bespoke clothing tailored in the context of a specific person. ...

notched collar

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

A notch collar is a type of jacket or shirt front that typically tops a row of buttons in the garment's center. The notch detail is actually in the lapels that attach to each side of the collar ...

keyhole neck

Fashion; Style, cut & fit

The keyhole neckline may be a simple slit in the neck of a blouse or dress. The split is usually, although not always, secured at its top with a hook and eye or loop and button. This kind of keyhole ...


Fashion; Style, cut & fit

A descriptor almost exclusive to the lolita fashion community to refer to a dress, aesthetic, make-up job etc. that is ugly, low quality, or in some way objectionable. The word, like the style, is ...

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