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Surfing is a water sport and recreational activity in which the wave rider, rides the forward face of a wave usually towards the shore. While most suitable waves for surfing are found in the ocean the activity can also be performed on lakes. The wave rider balances on a surf board while riding the waves.

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Sports; Surfing

A wooden handboard or bodyboard historically used by Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders.


Sports; Surfing

Pretty much everyone, surfers and non-surfers alike, will already know about Quiksilver. They're one of the largest manufacturers of surfing equipment and surf clothing on the planet. The lads have ...

goofy foot

Sports; Surfing

Surfing with your right foot forward.


Sports; Surfing

The tube is public transportation in London. Oh, you mean Tube! The tube is where the wave is hollow where it's breaking. For some surfers it's the be all of surfing. It's sometimes called a barrel, ...


Sports; Surfing

Areas where surfers waiting for waves. Generally just outside the line break or the zone of impact. Line-up may vary, depending on the size of the waves and will move with the tides and currents. ...

Greenwich mean time (GMT)

Sports; Surfing

The Greenwich Meridian is a town called Greenwich longitude 0 degrees in the UK. GMT is the Foundation of all time zones in the world, the world time. Throughout the year, and does not switch to ...

party wave

Sports; Surfing

A wave surfed by several people at once.

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