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Swimming is a competitive and recreational water sport competed in individually or on a relay, however points can be scored for a team. Competitive swimming is seperated into several categories some in open water, others in a competition pool which can take place in a 25-yard 25-meter or 50-meter long pool. There are four competitive swimming strokes, freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

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Sports; Swimming

This is when a swimmer has their arms to the side and their legs together and is not making any swimming motions. Usually done under water and at the beginning of a race.


Sports; Swimming

The swimmer swims on their stomach, their back above the top of the water. The swimmers arms are moving in alternating strokes and the swimmers legs are going in a non-stop, flutter kick, kicking ...

Gravity waves

Sports; Swimming

These are the waves that are the result of the swimmers' bodies moving through the water. Gravity waves go down and forward from the swimmer, they then rebound off the bottom of the pool and move up ...


Sports; Swimming

Goggles are worn over the swimmers eyes to keep water from getting into their eyes. They are usually made of clear plastic.

Grab start

Sports; Swimming

When a swimmer reaches down and takes hold of the starting block. The swimmer will put their hands in-between their feet or to the outside of their feet and then lead forward, this type of start is ...

Flutter kicks

Sports; Swimming

The legs move independently of each other, not in unison, in an up and down motion.


Sports; Swimming

In a relay race this means that the swimmer who is jumping into the pool after their partner touches base. A flyer leaves the starting block too soon, before their partner has touched the base, and ...

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