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coaxial adapter

Entertainment; TV

Device for connecting a coaxial cable to a TV with a Twin Lead cable connection port.


Entertainment; TV

Term is short for "Coder-decoder." A codec is a device that converts analog video and audio signals into a digital format for transmission. It also converts received digital signals back into an ...


Entertainment; TV

Coaxial inputs (sometimes just called "cable") provide a simple and common way to transmit video. Now coaxial inputs are mostly used for connecting a TV set to an antenna or cable system.


Entertainment; TV

Security card that Digital Cable Ready (DCR) TV owners must obtain from their cable company in order to view scrambled programming, such as premium services.

closed captioning

Entertainment; TV

Service allowing persons with hearing disabilities to read dialogue or the audio portion of a video, film, or other presentation, on the TV screen.

composite video

Entertainment; TV

Also called "RCA" connectors, it is the most common way to connect peripherals and other components. It consists of one yellow connector for video and two audio connectors for "right" and "left." ...

call sign (station)

Entertainment; TV

In broadcasting and radio communications, a Call Sign is a unique designation that identifies a transmitting station. In some cases, they are used as names for broadcasting stations. A Call Sign can ...

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