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distance learning

Education; Teaching

Learning from Distance, or else Elearning, education from distance

action research

Education; Teaching

A research methodology designed to have subjects, in particular teachers, to investigate an element of a particular activity which the aim of determining whether the changes can produce effective and ...

open learning

Education; Teaching

Learning environment that has no formal requirements for admission. See also flexible learning.

Kolb`s learning cycle

Education; Teaching

Learning model, presented by David Kolb, that identifies 4 stages in the learning cycle: concrete experience, observations and reflections, formation of abstract concepts and generalizations, and ...

self assessment

Education; Teaching

Assessment completed by the learner him/herself to evaluate his/her own performance, strengths and weaknesses.

remedial teaching

Education; Teaching

Education activities aimed at removing deficiencies in knowledge or skills.

group formation

Education; Teaching

group institution, team formation, group/team education, this is train a group

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