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Tennis is a competitive sport where players are seperated on a court by a net. The game is played one versus one or pairs of two on each side. Players use rackets to hit the ball to the opposing player/team's side of the court. The object of the game is to hit the ball in such a manner that one's opponent is unable to give a good return.

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Sports; Tennis

A serve that is hit hard and fast so that the opposing player is not able to touch the ball with their racket.


Sports; Tennis

This is the first point scored after the game had been tied at deuce and gives the advantage to one of the players. See Deuce.


Sports; Tennis

Players who play the baseline. They try to keep their opponent away from the net and make them play back. Their strategy is to win points by making their opponents make unforced errors. A good ...

Boundary lines

Sports; Tennis

All the lines that are part of a Tennis Court including:

Break serve

Sports; Tennis

When a player is able to win a game that the opponent has been serving. The player serving has the advantage and is, therefore, expected to win game they are serving. To break serve is to gain the ...

Bring up the chalk

Sports; Tennis

On a grass court the boundary lines are marked with chalk and when a ball hits one of these lines a bit of white chalk will go into the air, hence the name.

Centre mark

Sports; Tennis

A mark on the baseline which shows where the centre Service line would be if it continued past the service line, which it does not.

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