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A ring-shaped covering fixed around the wheel-rim of an automobile that both protects it and provides a shock-absorbant cushion to increase vehicle performance and speed.

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Michelin Man

Automotive; Tires

The Michelin Man™ has represented the Michelin corporation for more than 100 years.

Step groove

Automotive; Tires

A design feature at the base of the groove that generates an additional gripping mechanism in deeper snow.

Off-the-car balancing

Automotive; Tires

To achieve the optimal weight balance between the tyre and the wheel, the assembly can be taken off the vehicle and balanced to eliminate both side-to-side shimmy and hopping up and down.

Stress equilibrium casing

Automotive; Tires

A radial casing design that more evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, cornering, and braking throughout the contact patch, allowing for design enhancements in the shoulder and the use of ...

Tyre mixing

Automotive; Tires

A situation in which tyres of various brands, types, or sizes are mixed on a vehicle. This can lead to variations in the vehicle’s ride and handling characteristics.


Automotive; Tires

Uniform designation of tyre sizes, in metric measurements originally introduced by American tyre manufacturers in 1977; commonly called P-metric series. A typical P-metric tyre is P205/70R14 93S.

Tyre placard

Automotive; Tires

A metal or paper tag permanently affixed to a vehicle, which indicates the appropriate tyre size and inflation pressures for the vehicle. The placard can ordinarily be found on either the driver’s ...

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