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Train parts

Of or pertaining to automotive components of a train.

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Train parts


Railways; Train parts

A locomotive is a railway vehicle that provides the motive power for a train by pulling from the front (as in its origins) or by pushing it from the bottom also.

Braking system

Railways; Train parts

All passenger coaches and most freight cars are equipped with the so-called continuous braking system, invented by George Westinghouse in 1869.


Railways; Train parts

It forms an open or enclosed space for freight and passengers. The body can assume a variety of forms depending on the purpose for which the car or coach is to be used.


Railways; Train parts

It's a coach or car fitted with its own powerplant and not pulled by a separate engine or locomotive.


Railways; Train parts

Part of the train which is intended to carry passengers. There are several different types of coaches, for general passenger-carrying use as well as for special uses, such as sleeping cars, dining ...

Power plant

Railways; Train parts

It consists of a steam boiler in which water is converted into steam by the heat generated by the combustion of a fossil fuel (almost always coal) burned in a firebox.


Railways; Train parts

A strong structure of steel, which serves as the backbone on which the mechanical components of the locomotive are assembled and the boiler rests.

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