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Travel sites

return ticket

Travel; Travel sites

Ticket for a journey in a plane, train etc., which covers both the journey to a destination and the journey back to the departure point.


Travel; Travel sites

Expedia is an online travel company that provide customers with travel reservations for airline flights, hotel stays, car rentals, destination services, cruises, and other packaged travel. Expedia's ...


Travel; Cruise

A term formerly used to describe a cruise booking proposal that had been put into the hold status. Deprecated for PA5.


Travel; Travel sites

An office is a business unit that is physically co-located. It is comprised of persons, some of which may be agents. Those agents may belong to one or more agencies. The identity of an office may be ...


Travel; Travel sites

An entity which is comprised of agents. An agency is a collection of agents that share booking credentials with one or more vendors. Agencies pay to store and track collections of booking by their ...


Travel; Travel sites

A person who is responsible for facilitating a travel booking. A member of a travel agency.


Travel; Travel sites

An ecommerce website which allows users to obtain discount rates for travel-related items such as airline tickets and hotel stays through reverse auctions and other methods.

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