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Trousers & shorts

Any garment worn on the lower body to entirely or partly cover the legs.

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Trousers & shorts


Apparel; Trousers & shorts

The seam in a trouser/pants or short that runs from the crotch to the hem. Leg length is measured based on the inseam. Most often refers to the inside seam of pants.

Knee length

Apparel; Trousers & shorts

Garment ending at the knees, e.g. shorts.

cargo pants

Apparel; Trousers & shorts

Cargo pants or shorts refers to pants with extra pockets designed for carrying a supplies, etc.

carpenter pants

Apparel; Trousers & shorts

Also called shorts, it's a five-pocket characterized by a "hammer holder," a strength of material connecting the outside seam to the back pocket.


Weddings; Coats & jackets

Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style. Both green and stylish. The combination of trendiness and the environment.


Apparel; Trousers & shorts

Bouncing is a movement of an object that is falling,it might be a bouncing pair pearl of earnings that falls down,or a bouncing body that fall on the bed.

Basketball shorts

Apparel; Trousers & shorts

A loose-fitting, knitted shorts or trunks usually worn by basketball players or sometimes as a casual apparel.

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