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USB devices

Any peripheral device that plugs into a computer via the USB port.

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USB devices

use with extreme caution (UEC)

Computer; USB devices

UEC is a nickname that the ubiquitous USB (or universal serial bus) drive has acquired in recent years due to its security vulnerability. USB drives are designed to be versatile to ensure the host ...


Computer; USB devices

A USB device, also called an USB peripheral. USB peripherals are "downstream" from the host, and use the USB B-connector.


Computer; USB devices

The USB 2.0 Specification defines three speeds: 1. Low speed is 1.5Mbps, used mostly by keyboards and mice. 2. Full speed is 12Mbps. 3. High speed is 480Mbps.


Computer; USB devices

The source or sink of data inside an USB peripheral device; it is an addressable FIFO. An USB peripheral has a unique address and can contain up to sixteen endpoints. The host sends data to a ...

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