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Unicode standard

The Unicode standard is a character coding system designed to support the worldwide interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the diverse languages and technical disciplines of the modern world.

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Unicode standard

code unit

Computer; Unicode standard

The minimal bit combination that can represent a unit of encoded text for processing or interchange. The Unicode Standard uses 8-bit code units in the UTF-8 encoding form, 16-bit code units in the ...


Computer; Unicode standard

Ancient Greek written with several contrastive accents.

abstract character property

Computer; Unicode standard

A property of abstract characters. * Abstract character properties refer to attributes of abstract characters per se, based on their independent existence as elements of writing systems or other ...

deterministic sort

Computer; Unicode standard

A sort algorithm which returns exactly the same output each time it is applied to the same input. This is a property of the sorting algorithm, and not of the comparison mechanism. For example, a ...


Computer; Unicode standard

(1) The Japanese word for "pictograph." (2) Any of a particular set of pictographic symbols encoded in the Unicode Standard for compatibility with Japanese telephone symbol sets.

Braille patterns

Computer; Unicode standard

(For the six-dot braille) 64 or 256 (in the case of eight-dot braille) possible tangible dot combinations.

multibyte character set (MBCS)

Computer; Unicode standard

A character set encoded with a variable number of bytes per character, often abbreviated as MBCS. Many large character sets have been defined as MBCS to keep strict compatibility with ASCII subset ...

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