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BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)is the leading independent charity in the UK supporting, developing and promoting the art forms of the moving image


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Either a perfectly square (9:9) aspect ratio or the field: frame ratio of progressive scanning.


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A device for displaying large, readable text on a partially transparent screen for video production. The tele-prompter uses a monitor mounted under the camera lens, facing up, and a mirrored glass ...

Trellis coding

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Trellis coding is a source coding technique that has resulted in numerous publications and some very effective source codes. Unfortunately, the computational burden of these codes is tremendous and ...

Video camera

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A camera which contains an electronic image sensor rather than photographic film. The lens focuses an image on an electronic tube or CCD chip. A camera has electronic circuitry which generates colour ...

Video editing

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A procedure for combining selected portions of video footage in order to create a new, combined version. A variety of editing consoles are available. During video editing, special effects such as ...

Video gain

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The nominal composite video signal level is 1 volt. At this level, a fully saturated image is transmitted and boosting the signal offers no advantage. Most video equipment is designed to output the ...

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