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Video editing

Of or pertaining to software that is made to organize raw video footage using editing techniques and special effects in order to create a finalized motion picture.

Contributors in Video editing

Video editing

NTSC artefacts

Software; Video editing

Defects associated with NTSC: # Monochrome and colour Defects ## Due to Sampling ##* Temporal Alias ##* Vertical Alias ##* Vertical Resolution Loss (Kell Factor) ## Due to aperture ##* Visible ...

NTSC colour

Software; Video editing

The colour signal TV standard set by the National Television Standards Committee of the USA.

NTSC decoder

Software; Video editing

An electronic circuit that breaks down the composite NTSC video signal into its components.

NTSC format

Software; Video editing

A colour television format having 525 scan lines (rows) of resolution at 30 frames per second (30 Hz). See NTSC. Compare PAL Format.

Richard Iredale

Software; Video editing

Creator of the HD-NTSC ATV scheme and the HD-PRO HDEP scheme.

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Software; Video editing

Television network that was an original proponent of the ACTV ATV schemes. NBC was also the first network to announce its intention to shift from NTSC entirely to CAV recording equipment.


Software; Video editing

Improved or Increased; also the in-phase component of the NTSC colour subcarrier, authorised to have more than twice as much horizontal resolution as the Q, or quadrature component. Few TV sets have ...

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