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Visual arts

Of or pertaining to any artistic creation that we can look at, such as paintings, drawings, or video footage.

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Visual arts


Art history; Visual arts

This term that has come to designate a stylistic period corresponding roughly with the seventeenth century in (mainly catholic) europe (generally following on mannerism in the sixteenth century and ...


Art history; Visual arts

The traditional narratives of any culturally bound group, typically exemplified in stories and/or characters that have emotional and cognitive resonance with such a group and that represents its ...


Art history; Visual arts

trumeau, is the center post (the central) post of a medieval portal.


Art history; Visual arts

An outline, a simplified representation. Also, a schema may be a template or pattern for ordering objects, material or ideal.


Art history; Visual arts

In leon battista alberti's treatise on painting, the term designates the entire impression made by a work of art, starting with its subject matter, but also incorporating the manner of its treatment ...


Art history; Visual arts

In General, the term refers to a period of intellectual history of Europe, also known as "the age of reason, since the peak in the seventeenth and eighteenth century (and thus largely coincide with ...


Art history; Visual arts

A secret writing or picture representation of a word or idea. Pictography is the study of writing systems that use symbols.

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