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Wedding gowns

Terms that relate to the clothing worn by the bride during a wedding

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Wedding gowns


Weddings; Coats & jackets

Environmentally-friendly and ethical design that does not sacrifice quality or style. Both green and stylish. The combination of trendiness and the environment.

peek-a-boo sleeve

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Puff sleeve with different fabrics or skin showing through from beneath.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Transparent effect created with lace and fabric cut-outs on the underside.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

This is an often highly decorated comb that sits on the back of a bride's head and is used for attaching her veil.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

Also known as a waltz, this is a veil length that drops below the bride's knees, but above her ankles.


Weddings; Wedding gowns

A short, single layered veil that covers the bride's face before the ceremony.

Point d\'esprit

Weddings; Wedding gowns

Oval or square dots woven in a pattern on net fabric.

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