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Wireless networking

Terms in relation to computer networks that use (usually) ratio communication to wirelessly connect to the internet.

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Wireless networking

Network connexion

Computer; Wireless networking

A link between a user's computer and a group of computers and other devices that enables the user to access printers, servers etc. The link can be through a wire, cable, phone line or wireless ...

Wireless fidelity

Computer; Wireless networking

The 802.11b standard for wireless networking. A standard for delivering digital information over high-frequency, wireless local area networks.

Infrared file transfer

Computer; Wireless networking

Wireless file transfer between a computer and another computer or device using infrared light.


Network hardware; Wireless networking

The process of establishing a safe connexion between two devices Bluetooth During the authentication process, both devices are asked for a passkey. The same passkey must be entered or confirmed on ...


Network hardware; Wireless networking

A Bluetooth enabled device in range that will respond to another device and set up a connection.


Network hardware; Wireless networking

A Bluetooth enabled device is within range and communicating over the Bluetooth wireless link. The Bluetooth preference pane shows a green dot indicating a successful connection.


Network hardware; Wireless networking

When a Bluetooth enabled device is "discoverable," other Bluetooth devices can detect, pair, or connect to it.

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