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Womens shoes

Foot glove

Footwear; Mens shoes

A glove-like shoe in which the five toes have separate compartments, similar to a glove. The shoe is designed to give the impression of being barefoot, while ensuring the protection of a sole.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

Similar to the built heel, but typically can be created from synthetic and leather materials. Often found on spectator shoes.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

The process of converting raw hides or skins into finished leather.

Boot heel

Footwear; Childrens shoes

Typically found on boots, this is a wide, stable type of heel that usually is not very high.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

The main opening of a shoe extending from the vamp to the ankle.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

Leather made from the skins of snakes, with a rough, scaley texture.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

Designs or devices found in athletic shoes that control the inward rolling (pronation) of the foot.

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