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Wood flooring

Of, or related to the laying of, a floor covering made from wood.

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Wood flooring


Building materials; Wood flooring

In a gym floor, the action of the boards to separate in groups. Often occurs at the subfloor joints. Also known as sidebonding.


Building materials; Wood flooring

Inlaid woodwork in geometric forms, sometimes of contrasting woods, used in flooring. A common example is individual pickets of wood flooring, adhered together in groups of six pickets - then four ...


Building materials; Wood flooring

Pertaining to the location of a finished floor with no portion below ground, and with the floor and the ground in contact or separated by less than 18 inches of well-ventilated space.

Non-volatile solids

Building materials; Wood flooring

Measured in percentage, they are the materials that are left when all water and other solvents are driven off a coating during drying. In a floor finish, the solids are what forms the film on the ...

Oil-modified urethane (OMU)

Building materials; Wood flooring

A popular type of wood floor finish. Contains aromatic urethane in a solvent (oil) base. The solvent is usually mineral spirits or a similar petroleum distillate.


Building materials; Wood flooring

To change the pH of a substance to 7. Either raising the pH of an acid or lowering that of a base.

Neutral cleaner

Building materials; Wood flooring

A cleaning product that has a pH near 7. 0. They are recommended for daily use on finished floors or alkaline sensitive floors like marble because of their non-harmful effects on the finish or ...

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