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Of or pertaining to any computer intended for personal use, but with a much faster processor and more memory than an ordinary personal computer.

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EJB object

Computer; Workstations

An object whose class implements the enterprise bean's remote interface. A client never references an enterprise bean instance directly; a client always references an EJB object. The class of an EJB ...

Resource manager connexion factory

Computer; Workstations

An object used for creating a resource manager connection.


Computer; Workstations

An ordered set of characters that are stored, addressed, transmitted and operated on as a single entity within a given computer. In the context of SPARC workstations, a word is 32 bits.

Tool provider

Computer; Workstations

An organisation or software vendor that provides tools used for the development, packaging, and deployment of J2EE applications.

Resource manager connexion

Computer; Workstations

An object that represents a session with a resource manager.

EJB home object

Computer; Workstations

An object that provides the life-cycle operations (create, remove, find) for an enterprise bean. The class for the EJB home object is generated by the container's deployment tools. The EJB home ...


Computer; Workstations

An XML document that is syntactically correct. It does not have any angle brackets that are not part of tags, all tags have an ending tag or are themselves self-ending, and all tags are fully nested. ...

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