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World languages

Various languages spoken around the world, their origin, history and culture.

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World languages


Language; World languages

one of the small seeds of a fruit such as an apple or an orange. Pip is a commonly used term in the UK for seed.


Language; World languages

S4i is the acronym of the term "safe for invite". S4i is used to indicate your displeasure of not being invited to a specific event or meeting. The term should be used with a hint of sarcasm, with ...

Bob's your uncle

Language; World languages

A term used to end a set of instructions to indicate the ease of the instructions themselves; very similar to the French use of "et voilà!". "take a left, then a right, then straight forward and ...


Language; World languages

Sango is an official language of the Central African Republic. It is a creole related to Ngbandi and French. Spoken primarily in the Central African Republic, Chad, and the Democratic Republic of ...

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