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Billboard advertising

Any advertising done using an outdoor poster or sign that one usually sees on motorways, main streets, and in busy public areas.

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Billboard advertising

Black back

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Coated stock, featuring strong colour retention, brightness and a 100% opaque surface. This stock completely eliminates bleed through and is excellent for full white backgrounds or designs that often ...

Center-to-center spacing

Advertising; Billboard advertising

The distance between the centre point of one pixel and the centre of an adjacent pixel on a video or message centre display. Also known as pitch.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A measurement of directional light intensity from a point source.

C-store display

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Point-of-purchase displays, typically the same format as transit shelter posters that are positioned at the entrance of convenience stores.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

Poster paper unattached or torn from a bulletin or poster panel face.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

The length of an advertising campaign, sometimes divided into distinct segments over the course of weeks.

Mall displays

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Backlit advertising structure located at strategic points in shopping malls; usually two or three-sided.

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