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The linguistic and psychological overlap

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Language psychology or psychology of language; emerged the early 1960s in opposition to behaviorism, especially on operant conditioning and processing of meaning. In Europe, psycholinguistics would be recognized for a science mostly to belong with linguistics and taught in philological college or university departments. World wide, psycholinguistics happens to be taught at psychology or philosophy faculties, with varied language backgrounds.

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語言心理學或心理學的語言 ;出現年代反對行為主義,特別是對操作性條件反射和處理的意義。 在歐洲,會承認為一門科學,主要是為了與語言學屬於心理語言學,和教在語言學學院或大學部門。 世界範圍內,心理語言學碰巧任教心理學或哲學的教職員,以不同的語言背景。

Domain: Language; Category: General language

Study of live human organic functions. Linguistically, these are neural, cardiovascular, pulmonary, as well as muscle and tendon functioning to matter most to speech. Already the common cold can influence locution. Please compare ANATOMY.

Domain: Language; Category: General language

活人體有機功能的研究。 語言,這些都是神經、 心血管、 肺、 肌肉和肌腱運作演講最重要的問題。 已經感冒可以影響慣用語的界限。請比較解剖。

Domain: Language; Category: General language

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