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Every year car manufacturers and designers dream up a string of super-cool concept cars to test public reaction and show off their skills. Very few concepts actually make it on to our roads, but there are always some exceptions. Often the technology and design elements used on concept cars are also adopted for use on vehicles that do actually make it on to production lines. Usually concept cars are created by the car firms themselves, but sometimes individual agencies or designers not affiliated with the brands have a go to make a name for themselves. Here we look at the ten coolest concept cars envisaged in recent years.

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The Ford Shelby GR-1 concept car was unleashed on the world in 2005 and has left car fans wondering what if ever since. It was inspired by the Shelby Daytona from 1964, and looked simply stunning. It had a 6.4liter all-aluminum V10 engine wedged under the hood, producing up to 605hp. And outside, its shimmering polished-aluminium body was a thing of beauty to behold. It boasted 19in wheels and butterfly doors, and was designed to be fully roadgoing and production-feasible. It is one of a string of recent concept cars from Ford, and came hot on the heels of their Shelby Cobra concept from 2004, which was another jaw-dropper.

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Ford Shelby GR-1 masina concept a fost declanşat pe lume în 2005 şi -a lăsat maşina fani întrebam ce se întâmplă dacă atunci. A fost inspirat de Shelby Daytona din 1964, şi a uitat pur şi simplu uimitoare. Ea a avut un motor V10 din aluminiu 6.4 litri prins sub capota, producătoare de până la 605hp. Şi în afara, corpul său de aluminiu lustruit sclipitoare a fost un lucru de frumuseţe a privi. Acesta lăudat în 19 roţi şi fluture uşile, şi a fost conceput pentru a fi complet functional şi de producţie-fezabilă. Acesta este unul dintre un şir recentă masini concept de Ford, şi a venit cu fierbinte pe tocuri lor concept Shelby Cobra, din 2004, care a fost un alt maxilarului-dropper.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Makes & models

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