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A process in which metaphase chromosomes are stained, ordered, and numbered according to morphology, size, arm-length ratio, and banding pattern. Can be performed on a sample of blood, bone marrow, amniotic fluid, or placental tissue. Used to diagnose chromosomal imbalances (e.g., autosomal trisomies, sex chromosome disorders.)

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical genetics

其中中期染色体都沾上,一个进程排序和按形态、 大小、 臂长度比率和色带图案进行编号。可以执行的样本,血液、 骨髓、 羊水或胎盘组织。用于诊断染色体不平衡 (例如,常染色体显性遗传性的合子,性染色体疾病。

Domain: Medical; Category: Medical genetics

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