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Music is an exciting part of everyone's life. This glossary is about musical instruments. African instruments to be exact. While some may like the sound of a xylophone, a marimba may peak your interest.

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There is a extensive variety of African shakers from various parts of Africa consisting of: Gourds:Shekere shakers (Axatse gourd raattles), Televi (2 seed filled gourds on each end of a string), ...

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Linked to the Colonial past of Zaire, which is now Democratic Republic of Congo, this instrument is attributed to Mangbetu people. It is an arched harp made of twisted copper wire, with a geometric, ...

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A traditional South Sudanese instrument, which is made of Antelope Horn, carved, hollowed, perforated, stitched, strung tied and knotted. It has a narrow rounded point, with marked ribbing around its ...

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This rope tuned, skin covered goblet drum is famous for the unique and variety of sounds its can produce when played bare handed. This is because of hardwood body and the untreated rawhide drum head, ...

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Consisting of wooden gourds as resonators which are hit with mallets, the marimba is a member is the percussion family.Much like the xylophone, it has a broader and lower tonal range and resonators ...

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Originally a Zimbabwean instrument, the mbira is also known as the thumb piano. It is an instrument that is made of a wooden gourd, and inside is staggered metal keys. It is part of the idiophone ...

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Discovered as early as 1497 in Capetown, South Africa by European travelers, this flute creates tunes of high to low pitch. . The playing of this flute was found among the Venda tribe, which had ...

Domain: Music; Category: Music instruments

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These are fascinating instruments. I think the idea of organizing African concert tours around the world will be a big business in the next few years.

09:56, 28 November 2013
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