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loadwords in English that have been borrowed from Chinese language or dialiects

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Guanxi (Simplified Chinese 关系 / Traditional Chinese 關係), equivalent to "networking" at times, is a general Chinese term used to describe relationships or "connections" that may result in the ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

Chengguan (Chinese: 城管) is often used to refer to urban management officers in China. It is a commonly shortened term of the City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau. The agency is in ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

Hongbao (Chinese: 红包), literally "red envelopes," are the monetary gifts that are traditionally given during holidays, wedding, or other special occasions. In addition, the term hongbao is used to ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

Much like in the last century, Margaret Thatcher gave the world Thatcherism and her counterpart across the Atlantic brought us Reaganomics . More recently, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ...

Domain: Economy; Category: Economics

A Chinglish (Chinese-English; 给力) word, meaning "be able to excite, make someone feel cheerful." " ge- " in Chinese means to give; " li- " means power, strength or energy. Example: "Wow, China ...

Domain: Language; Category: Internet memes

Gung ho is an adjective describing an overly energetic trait. This can be applied to a person in general or an action by an individual or group.

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

Kowtow is a verb which describes a subserviant bow, with one's forehead to the floor, which is presented to someone of a higher rank to yourself. The word was coined in English when a British ...

Domain: Culture; Category: General culture

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