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Тип на редки и тръба с форма облак формация, създадена от студен фронт оран под топъл, влажен въздух, който е по-близо до земята. Ролка облаци принадлежат към семейството на ниско формиращи облаци ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

A type of rare and tube-shaped cloud formation created by a cold front ploughing under the warm, moist air that's closer to the ground. Roll clouds belong to a family of low-forming clouds known as ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

Noctilucent cloud - from Latin noct- + lucent-, lucens lucenta- is a luminous thin usually colored cloud seen especially at twilight at a height of about 50 miles (80 kilometers).

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

Nacreous cloud is a luminous iridescent cloud at a high altitude that may be seen when the sun is a few degrees below the horizon.

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

Pileus (Latin for "skullcap"), also called cap cloud, scarf cloudis is a small, smooth, thin cloud found attached to either a mountain top or growing cumulus tower.

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

Orographic clouds are clouds that develop in response to the forced lifting of air by the earth's topography (mountains for example).

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

The white streaks you see coming off high-flying jet airplanes are called contrails, which is short for condensation trail. Contrails are clouds that formed when water vapor condenses and freezes ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Clouds

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