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T- Take the time to get to know your affiliates. Learn about their personal lives, their goals, and who they really are. E- Explain to your affiliates how the SFI business works. Be sure to note that this isn't a get rich quick program and that they will have to actually put work in to be successful in this business. A- Apply all of the knowledge that you have gained while learning about your business. Use all of the tools provided by SFI to their full extent. M- Motivate your affiliates to become the best they can be. Take the time to be there for each affiliate if they need anything. A lot of affiliates feel lost and don't know where to go. This is where you can come in and show them the way. L- Lose the negativity. When you are negative in anyway it rubs off on your affiliates even when you don't intend it to. Be positive even in situations that seem hopeless because it's never as bad as it seems. E- Ease each of your affiliates into their business at their own pace. Showing them all of the information SFI has to offer, though a great thing, may push them too fast and cause them to pull away rather than embrace their business. A- Allow your affiliates to come to you about anything. If they need support in anyway make sure that they have a way of getting in touch with you. Whether it be by email, team mail, chat or any other method you come up with. Communication is a huge part of success in SFI. D- Don't take your affiliates for granted. Never let them feel like they aren't appreciated. They are your bread and butter so make sure you let them know it. Remember, an active affiliate is a real gem, so always try to make them feel special in everything they do. E- Entrust your affiliates to run their business the way they want to. Even if you feel you know what works, doesn't mean that it's the only way. Forcing somebody to do something that they are not comfortable doing often leads to rejection and dismay. R- Respect every affiliate as if they are part of your family because in truth, they are. I tell all of my affiliates that they are part of my SFI family and that they can come to me for anything. Just as I would for any of my immediate family members. Being a Team Leader in SFI is a huge responsibility, it takes time, effort, and most of all trust. Affiliates join this business on a daily basis. They are looking for somebody to help them get to the next level. If they see somebody they feel they can trust leading them, then they feel the possibilities for success are limitless. However, if they see somebody who doesn't contact them and feels that they don't need any help. They will give up quick. Try to strive to be the best Team Leader you can be. Even if you make mistakes, learn from them. After all, nobody is perfect, but we all try to be, don't we? http://www.joinmysfiteam.com/16275843

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When you ask people to join a FREE opportunity, they will tell you it is a SCAM. When you tell them they need at least $37 to boost their business, they will tell you they do not have money . When ...

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A product that can be produced, bought, and sold, and that has a physical identity. Sometimes said, inaccurately, to be anything that "can be dropped on your foot" or, also inaccurately, to be ...

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A solid line from an annotation (note, dimension, and so on) to the referenced feature.

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The electric discharge that initiates each return stroke in a cloud- to-ground lightning discharge. It is a channel of high ionization that propagates through the air by virtue of the electric ...

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Someone who exercises formal or informal influence over those within the group.

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The individual responsible for command of a task force, strike team, or functional unit.

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A worker who takes the lead and gives directions to workers while performing same duties as workers. Regularly performs all tasks of workers in group. Supervisory functions are secondary to the ...

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