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The tenth sign of the Zodiac (270° - 300° of the Zodiac) It is symbolised by a goat with its hind part as that of a dolphin. It is sometimes represented as the unicorn, and often as a crocodile. It is powerful by night.

The sign is owned by Saturn; Mars is exalted here and Jupiter is debilitated. The Sun is enigmatic and troublesome in this sign. Capricorn is viewed as the creative intelligence. The impulse from the sign leads the cosmos and human beings towards their destiny. Blavatsky relates the sign with the Occult Hierarchy, commissioned to 'create' man in a special mould. It is the task of the Fifth Hierarchy, the mysterious beings who preside over the constellation 'to inform the empty and ethereal animal form, and make of it the Rational Man'. She also states that the Dhyanis in India and Egypt were connected with the crocodiles and their abode was in Capricorn. Capricorn is a mystical sign capable of producing selfishness as well as occult insight.

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