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Crisis 108

A new movie from CSOFT International Studios.

In the year 2045, humanity has reached peak oil and the value of fossil fuels has skyrocketed. Conflicts around the world erupt over the remaining supplies and modern society, reliant on oil, begins to crumble. A scientist has been working around the clock and finally comes up with a chemical formula that can drastically increase the use of each gallon of oil, and it needs to be spread around the world fast. The world turns to the only company that can possibly localise information this fast - CSOFT, using their revolutionary new Tà system.

Lurking in the shadows, an oil tycoon can see that this formula will cripple his business, and is willing to go to any lengths necessary to get the formula into his own hands. As localization gets underway, secret agents are hired to attempt to infiltrate CSOFT and steal the formula...

Crisis 108 will be coming to theatres around the world in Fall 2012.

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