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Feria de Abril

Feria de Abril is actually the set of "casetas" and attractions located in the distric "Los Remedios" for the celebration of the festivals of Sevilla (Spain).

Its origin is in 1847, when the queen Isabel II allowed the Feria for three days in April. Several years later, the Feria had grown so much that they moved it to its current place and was named "Real de la Feria", and its streets where called with the names of different bullfighters.

The Feria de Abril starts on Monday, two weeks after the end of the Easter in Sevilla, with the "alumbrado" (the lighting), where all the lights of the Feria are turned on. The end of the Feria is next Sunday with the turn off of the lights and fireworks.

It is very common to see people dressing the typical flamenco dresses, dancing sevillanas and riding horses or horse carts (which are the only transport in the Feria).

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