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I Do

I Do is a 2012 Chinese romantic comedy film starring Li Bingbing as Tang Weiwei, a well-educated career woman who works as sales director for an image design company. Directed by Sun Zhou, the film portraits the love relationships between professional men and women in the fast-paced business world of modern day China.

At age 32, Weiwei has been single and fully devoted to her career after her only lover suddenly disappeared all together when she was 25 after she'd supported him through hard times for seven years. Pragmatically deciding it is time to find a husband, she meets Yang Nianhua (played by Sun Honglei) during one group blind date. Yang is a divorced man and the former owner of a publishing company. Yang tries out a variety of tactics including cooking her dinners and acting as her private chauffer to win over Weiwei's love. At the same time, Weiwei is devastated to discover that Jim Wang, CEO of her company's new client, NASDAQ-listed jewellery firm Jinxiu, is in fact Wang Yang (played by Duan Yihong), her long lost boyfriend from seven years ago. Now Wang Yang has returned from the US to China as a wealthy businessman and is looking to patch things up with Weiwei. She, however, still can't forgive him, and Wang Yang also has to deal with the persistent Nianhua, whom Weiwei has put on a trial period as a potential husband.

The film is adapted from a 2009 novel Yes, I Do by Beijing-based writer/scriptwriter Chen Tong, whose practical advice on marriage and relationships has earned her the nickname of a female Zhuge Liang after the master strategist of the Three Kingdoms period.

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