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Liaoning aircraft carrier

Liaoning is China's first aircraft carrier formally commissioned into service on 25 September 2012. The ship was initially purchased from Ukraine in 1998 without an engine and was renovated extensively in China to become the country's first aircraft carrier. Its stated goals are for scientific research, experiment and training, with a only limited role in potential combats.

Originally known as Riga when the ship was first built, the carrier was first launched in the Soviet Union on December 4, 1988. However, construction had stopped by 1992, with the ship structurally complete but without electronics. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union, ownership was transferred to Ukraine and was renamed Varyag. The ship was neglected, unmaintained, and then stripped to leave mostly just a hulk behind. By early 1998, the ship was missing engines, a rudder, much of its operating systems, and was put up for auction.

The carrier was eventually purchased from Ukraine in 1998 by China, reportedly for use as an amusement park, and moved to China. It has since been fitted out to become a full aircraft carrier.

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