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Rem Koolhaas

Remment Lucas Koolhaas, better known as Rem Koolhaas is a Dutch architect and on of the founding partners of OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture). Rem was born in 17 November 1944 Rotterdam, Netherlands, moved to Jakarta, Indonesia between 1952-1955 and then to Amsterdam, Netherlands from 1955 onwards.

Rem has released numerous books and literature that have helped establish his as a highly regarded architecture theorist. His most acclaimed book is Delirious New York though has released many other written works such as S,M,L,XL, Project on the City and Volume Magazine.

Rem has worked with OMA in producing some of the most impressive buildings of modern times; Casa da Musica in Porto, Portugal, Seattle Central Library in Seattle, USA and the CCTV building in Beijing, China.

Rem Koolhaas was the winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2000 and the 2010 Golden Lion of Lifetime Achievement award from the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

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