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Tamborrada de San Sebastian

The Tamborrada of San Sebastian (Spain) is the best known one along Spain. It consists in a concentration of drum players for 24 hours non-stop. Its origin is unknown, but what is known is that they used to dress up in weird costumes, and then they decided to change them for uniforms as it has a military background.

There are different groups during the Tamborrada, and each one has to choose its own uniform (as all the members of each group have to wear the same one) from different armies and form different ages. There are also some groups which use the cook uniform and instead of playing a drum they play a barrel.

Each year at 00.00 the 20th of January the Tamborrada starts with the raising of the flag. The different groups walk through the whole town playing their drums and it finishes 24 hour later with the lowering of the flag.

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