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Torterra possess a shell, giant plate of similar appearance to those of dinosaurs. On this remains a single shell, Oak-like tree and three stony triangular extensions, like grey peaks; Unlike two bushes on Grotle to forwards. The shell also has a series of brown, similar to the ground, next to the tree and a white edge that forms a continuation on the front of the shell, the most similar to a baseball field. Torterra's Shell is most likely the basis for their classification as the continent Pokémon are designed not only for the appearance of their shells, but also for actual body size of Torterra, which is cumbersome and seems to be too large for their shells. Their mass gives them a sufficient amount of protection from enemies. Portions of the upper part of the body of Torterra and its lower jaw are green, and bearing two large peaks, such as those on their shells, which emerge from the sides of the head making it look a bit like an Ankylosaurus. Torterra's eyes are intimidating, surrounded by a black ring and bearing small red pupils. Their mouth is rugged and at the end of their snout is a dark brown Bill, giving them the appearance of a turtle temminckii. Their thick, tree trunk-like legs are massive and powerful to keep on their huge, heavy bodies. They endure four fingers on each of their legs, which appear as if they are really jagged stones, with three in front and one on the heel.

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