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dark web

The dark web refers to the obscure corners of the web, where users interact with websites on the Internet hidden away from the watchful eye of authorities. Usually, these sites are guarded by encryption mechanisms such as Tor that allow users to visit them anonymously. Some dark websites also use password-protected forums where hackers trade secrets and stolen credit card numbers. Visitors use the dark web for a variety of purposes: buying and selling drugs, discussing hacking techniques and selling hacking services, trading child pornography, and so forth.

To allow the creation of hidden services, dark websites use special encryption mechanisms to hide their physical location. The sophisticated technology has allowed the creation of websites devoted to illegal activities that are difficult for the authorities to trace and shut down.

Surprisingly, some of the encryption mechanisms were created with financial support from the US government, which wanted to promote the free flow of information to help people in repressive regimes gain access to information censored by their governments.

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