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The branch of science that deals with flight aerodynamics and with the operation of all types of aircraft.

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curvic coupling

Aviation; Aeronautics

A type of coupling used to join a series of axial-flow compressor disks or axial turbine wheels to each other. The coupler consists of a series of radial, gear-like teeth on the faces of two mating ...


Aviation; Aeronautics

A method of corrosion protection by the formation of a hard, airtight oxide coating on the surface of aluminum alloy parts by chemical means. The name is taken from the registered trade name of the ...

scalene triangle

Aviation; Aeronautics

A closed, three-sided, plane (flat) figure that has no two sides of the same length, nor are any of the angles the same.


Aviation; Aeronautics

A situation in which there is uncertainty as to the safety of an aircraft and its occupants.

wobble pump

Aviation; Aeronautics

A type of hand-operated pump used to move a fluid such as gasoline or oil. The handle of a wobble pump is attached to a flat plate inside a housing that is equipped with four flapper-type check ...

universal joint

Aviation; Aeronautics

A type of shaft coupling that allows one shaft to drive the other, even if the two shafts are not in perfect alignment. A universal joint has a double hinge, with the axes of the two hinges at right ...

close-tolerance bolt

Aviation; Aeronautics

A special bolt used in aircraft construction in which the shank is ground to a tolerance of +0.000, -0.0005 inch. Close-tolerance bolts are identified by a triangle around the mark on the bolt head ...

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