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Air travel

The act of traveling by plane.

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Air travel

economy class

Travel; Air travel

In air travel, the cheapest "class" of seat, used by the vast majority of passengers.

frequent flyer program (FFP)

Travel; Air travel

A loyalty program offered by many airlines to retain air travel customers. Typically, airline customers enrolled in the program accumulate frequent flyer miles based on trips flown on that airline or ...

blackout dates

Travel; Air travel

Are a date or a series of dates where travel at a particular rate is not available. Can be used for airline tickets, car rentals, and/or hotels.


Travel; Air travel

Refers to the period of time spent while waiting for a transportation connection.

Blocked space

Travel; Air travel

Seats or rooms on airplanes or in hotels that have been held aside to be sold by consolidators, generally at a reduced rate.


Travel; Air travel

The actual number of seats that are free to be sold at a particular rate.

Actual flying time

Travel; Air travel

The amount of time that the airplane is actually flying in the air.

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