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Weight change

Dance; Ballroom

The full transference of body weight from one foot to the other.


Dance; Ballroom

A position of the arms formed by two partners with connected hands, which forms the shape of a window.

Zig zag

Dance; Ballroom

A figure or pattern involving sharp or angular changes of direction.


Dance; Ballroom

A unit of music representing a group of consecutive beats. The number of beats in a bar or measure is measured by the time signature, and is determined by the ratio and relative strength of the ...

Medalist system

Dance; Ballroom

The universally recognised system which represents the various levels of dance proficiency. The levels are:

Metronomic motion

Dance; Ballroom

Movement of the body or part of the body which emulates the swinging action of a metronome: An upper portion of the body travels at a faster rate of speed than a portion of the body below.


Dance; Ballroom

A description of the direction toward which the body is traveling, specifically when it is different from the body's facing alignment and/or pointing alignment.

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