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Any alcoholic beverage brewed by slow fermentation from malted cereal grain and flavoured with hops.

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Beverages; Beer

The sugars that are derived from malts. These sugars interact with the yeast during fermentation to create alcohol and CO2.


Beverages; Beer

One of the main ingredients of beer, malt is barley which has been steeped in water, allowed to germinate, and then heat dried which stops germination. The type of barley, the level of germination ...


Beverages; Beer

To release malt sugars by soaking the grains in water. A mash is the resultant mixture.

Mash Tun

Beverages; Beer

A tank where grist is soaked in water and heated to convert the starch to sugar and extract the sugars and other solubles from the grist.


Beverages; Beer

The process where the grist is added to hot water in order to extract the fermentable sugars from the malts. This process creates wort.


Beverages; Beer

Finings is a substance used to aid the clearing of beer, particularly real ale that would otherwise remain suspended in the brew. Finings can include isinglass, bentonite, Irish moss, and others.


Beverages; Beer

This refers to a beer with a taste like cereal or raw grain.

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