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Behavior analysis

Behavior analysis is an approach to psychology that concerns itself primarily with observing, analysing and attempting to understand and predict the way humans behave and interact.

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Behavior analysis

Children and adolescents

Psychology; Behavior analysis

People at pre-adulthood ages. Adolescence is generally considered as ending at age 19.

Benjamin Franklin effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

A form of cognitive dissonance where people come to like people that they do nice things to, and dislike those that they do bad things to. In other words, our behavior towards somebody shapes our ...

biological context

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The evolutionary history and biological status of an organism are part of the context for specific environment-behavior interactions.

verbal discrimination

Psychology; Behavior analysis

Any discrimination among verbal stimuli, as in discriminating among nouns and verbs in a sentence. Discrimination among items on the basis of whether they appeared in a given context, verbal ...


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The phenomenon that causes humans to see patterns in random or erratic bits of data. It leads to people thinking that they can hear specific words when songs are played backwards, or seeing the face ...

verbal stimuli

Psychology; Behavior analysis

Words, gestures, and other symbolic stimuli.

halo effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

A psychological phenomenon whereby people's perceptions of another individual's attractiveness will influence their perception of other qualities. If you find someone attractive, you are more likely ...

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