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Body language

Non-verbal communication using body parts.

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Body language

chair straddling

Communication; Body language

Sitting spread-eagled backwards on a chair, so that the back of the chair acts as a barrier to the rest of the world. Often seen as a domineering position, but can also be taken as cowardly depending ...

licking lips

Communication; Body language

An action done by women to indicate sexual attraction.

Christian side hug

Communication; Body language

A kind of hug whereby two people stand side by side and place a single arm around each other's shoulders. It is performed by religious people who believe that a more traditional face to face hug is ...

happy feet

Communication; Body language

When somebody walks with a spring in their step. This is a clear sign of happiness.

absorbed action

Communication; Body language

Body language that has been unconsciously inherited from peers. Such mirroring indicates a desire to be associated with the originator.


Communication; Body language

People are very skillful in interpreting body language, and who can use it in the proper way to detect a person's emotions or intentions. It requires specialized training to become so ably, and this ...


Communication; Body language

A face of eye contact, where a person who is looking into the eyes of another, but does not reciprocate.

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