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Books are physical sets of written, printed, illustrated or blanks pages bound together usually at one side.

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Das Kapital

Printing & publishing; Books

Das Kapital - Capital : Critique in the Political Economy. Author : Karl Marx Karl Marx - a German philosopher,sociologist, economist, historian, and revolutionary socialist. In this book, Karl ...

The Little Prince

Printing & publishing; Books

The Little Prince is a children novel published in 1943. The author is the French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The little Prince is a really well known novel because of its idealistic and deep ...


Printing & publishing; Books

Hobson-Jobson is the well-known title of 'Hobson-Jobson: A Glossary of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words and Phrases, and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical, Geographical and Discursive', an ...

Tallow Candle

Printing & publishing; Books

Tallow Candle is the name of an early work by Danish 19th Century children's writer Hans Christian Andersen. The short storey is about an old and grimy candle whose beauty is finally recognised when ...


Printing & publishing; Books

A person who is opposed to something; in a novel the adversary of the hero or the protagonist.

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