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Computer aided design software.

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Software; CAD

Autodesk DirectConnect products enable the exchange of data between Autodesk industrial design and visualization solutions, and leading CAD products. Autodesk DirectConnect is installed with Maya.

directional light

Software; CAD

In rendering, a light that shines evenly in one direction only. Its light rays are parallel to each other, as if emitted perpendicular to an infinitely large plane. Use a directional light to ...

directional point emitter

Software; CAD

In dynamics, a particle emitter that emits particles only in a specified direction.


Software; CAD

1. In modeling, the process of creating a 3D surface or shape by sweeping a cross-section or profile along a curve. 2. In polygonal modeling, the process of extending a vertex, edge, or face, ...


Software; CAD

In modeling, a curve or surface that is a duplicate of an existing curve or surface, but is set off from the original copy.

Non-planar polygon

Software; CAD

In modeling, a polygon that has more than three vertices, and those vertices do not lie in the same plane (that is, they are not planar, or flat).


Software; CAD

In polygonal modeling, the storing of shading and lighting information from the rendered look of a mesh in its vertex colors. This lets a simpler display device (such as a console game rendering ...

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